Frequently Asked Questions

What is your special offer on After School Parties?

Remember, after school parties are the latest thing and Mr Windbags offers a tasty 10% discount on the total cost of all Birthday Party Packages (including balloon models and Party Bags) booked Monday to Friday in term time. Give the children something to look forward to after school and book your party today!


Is the Birthday Child made to feel special?

Of course! Usually they choose the magic words and are invited up to take a starring role in the show. If they are a little shy, they can bring up a friend as well, or help while sitting in the audience.

I present them with a badge or wand during the show as well as a special balloon model and there is a surprise treat for them at the end too.

Joint birthday parties are very popular and, of course, I make both children feel special.


How do you entertain such a wide age-range of children?

I have different shows for different audiences and I vary both the material and my presentation. For a mixed age audience my shows work really well for children from about 2½ up to 10 years old (older ones will happily stand and watch as long as you don’t make them sit down!) My real speciality though is in entertaining younger children 2½ up to 7 years old.  What’s the secret? It’s partly experience, partly listening to the children, but mainly because they like me: I have fun; they have fun. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?


How far do you travel?

Windbags HQ is in Durham City and most of my work is within an hour’s drive, but I am often invited to perform further afield: you can frequently find me up in the Borders, across in Haltwhistle and down around York and Harrogate. Contact me and I’ll tell you if I can come!


How soon do I have to book?

As soon as possible! Sometimes people book a year ahead to get the date they want; sometimes I can take a booking the night before. Weekends are very busy and get booked up early, but a growing trend is for after-school parties (and I offer a tempting 10% discount on these!)


Do you perform for adults?

No. I don’t do close-up, or street magic, or corporate banquets. I specialise in entertaining children and, of course, that’s why I have so much experience doing exactly that. I can, of course, recommend other people who do specialise in magic for adults.


Do you perform for special needs groups?

Certainly. I understand that each audience is unique and the way I perform always reflects that. I find that this sensitive approach pays dividends and I’ve been asked back time and time again to perform  for special needs groups not just in Durham, but all over the North East. Please feel free to call for a chat to discuss how I can tailor my fun-packed comedy magic shows to your requirements.


Are you a member of any professional bodies?

I am a full member of the most important organisation for professional performers: Equity. As a full member I have signed up to the Equity Code of Conduct for professional children’s entertainers. Click here for more details.


What do you need when you perform a show?

I bring everything I need for my performance, including tables and a PA system. I might ask for a glass of water on a hot day, but other than that you just need to provide an electric socket (and the audience!)


How much space do you need?

I have performed in castles and stately homes, on steam trains, on barges and sailing ships as well as village halls and normal sitting rooms. As a professional entertainer I have lots of experience in adapting my shows to suit the space available

The minimum performing area I need is about 4ft by 5ft. Remember: if the children sit on the floor you can squeeze quite a few into a relatively small space.

I once performed in a pub where the show was so popular, that the only space left for me was standing on top of the pool table. I don’t really want to do that again, though!


Do you have a rabbit?

Of course – just not a real one! I am usually joined in my shows by Horatio the Rabbit, Otto the half-tailed Otter or Monty the Parrot. Strictly speaking they are puppets, but no one has dared to tell them! They perform very funny routines and the children love them. More importantly: they don’t mind being out all day with me in hot weather; they don’t make a mess on the carpet; they don’t bite the children; they don’t produce allergic reactions and so far no venues have banned performing puppets!


We saw you recently at a party; will it be the same act?

Don’t worry: I have lots of tricks in my repertoire and if you want I can tailor a different show especially for you. If there is something your child particularly wants to see again, I will make sure it’s included.


This all sounds wonderful, but what do you charge?

Well, it depends on what you want me to do! I am always happy to offer advice and will usually offer a range of options to suit your audience and event. It’s best to discuss this first and then I can quote you a range of fees on different packages. Feel free to compare what I offer and charge with other entertainers.

My diary fills up quite fast, so it is a good idea to discuss availability as well. You can contact me by e-mail or on 0191 384 9408 or 07958 125541.


Is satisfaction guaranteed?

No! A satisfactory show is just an average show. That’s the very least you should expect. I am not an average performer and I want to give you more than you expect.  In fact, I guarantee better than satisfaction: I want ‘A’ for entertainment and ‘1’ for effort. What grade did I get? Check with the children and then get back to me with any comments or suggestions.


Do you want complaints?

Yes! It might be the tiniest comment; perhaps you don’t even think of it as a complaint, but I would like to hear it.  If you really do have a complaint, please let me know so I can try to put it right.  (I like to hear praise as well…)


Do I get a money-back guarantee?

Of course! I offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not happy. Is there any other way to do business?


Goodness, is there anything Mr Windbags can’t do?

I like a challenge, and I like to work on new projects.  But if there is something I can’t do, or I don’t think will work, or if I know someone who could do it better, I will tell you.  That way you know that what I do for you will be professional.  Remember, I don’t just give you my word: I give you a money-back guarantee as well.


" Thank you Mr Windbags for yet another fantastic party. This was my daughter Jessica's second party with Mr Windbags, she had his last year for her 3rd and this year was a request, he was all she wanted."
Georgina Fogarty, Ponteland


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